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Killa Crew

This is Kalamazoo's B team, consisting of our newer skaters as well as some crossover skaters from our charter team to help guide the new ones through the game!
Ani DiSpanko

Killa Crew Co-Captain 2020



Ani DiSpanko is a whip-smart blocker who uses her insane brain to target the opponents jammers next step. Like her namesake, she is multi-talented and a force to be reckoned with. At home, Spanko, is the proud mom to the prettiest pet in Michigan derby. 

Blue Eyed Bruiser

Killa Crew Co-Captain 2020

Blocker and Jammer

Bruiser is one of the newest additions to the Kalamazoo family. After playing junior derby for 6 years, she made her way up to the adult league. She even played for Kalamazoo's junior team! Her name doesn't lie, whether she's blocking or jamming watch out! She's a powerhouse and she's not afraid of big hits

Catch Hell

Pivot, Blocker, and Jammer


Catch (as her friends call her) is a utility skater that knows no bounds. She can do it all, and does it with a smile on her face.  

Hagzzzzzz 231.jpeg
Hagatha Christie


Hagzzzzzz may be an old, old woman at heart, but it won't be her brittle bones that break on the track. You see, the only thing she'll be breaking is the confidence of the opposing players. 


Blocker and Jammer

Ickyy will have you feeling icky when you make contact with her. She may be small but she is fierce and an amazing blocker. Keep your eyes peeled or she'll knock you out!

Kat Blon Dee

Pivot and Blocker


One of the kindest and warmest people who has ever strapped on skates, Kat is a multi-talented skater and a communicative team player. When she's not being a fantastic skater, she sends adorable snap chats to her teammates. 



Lindsey is one of our newest additions to the Killa Crew. Don't be fooled though, she may be new but she is strong and fierce!

Mamacita Mayhem



Mamacita is a solid skater who causes mayhem to the opposing teams packs the minute she steps on the track. This feisty chika is a hard worker, who doesn't even know the meaning of the phrase 'give up'.   

Mary Tyler War.jpg
Mary Tyler War

Blocker and Jammer


Don't miss this long-legged powerhouse on the track! She's still learning and growing into her role as a blocker, but her instincts are great! She's definitely a skater to watch, her growth is unlimited!

IMG_0015 (1).jpg
Mea Chokeavich

Pivot, Blocker, and Jammer


Mea is a utility skater who exemplifies Shakespeare's quote "though she be but little, she is fierce". No matter what position she's playing, no matter how tall the opponents, Mea attacks with a ferocity that is intimidating to all who skate near her.    


Pivot and Blocker


One of the fastest skaters to grace the flat track, Mustang will take out a jammer before you can see her coming. Sometimes she'll don a star and rack up points, but this heavy hitter prefers to be in a wall. An adaptable team player, Mustang is always coming through when you need a hand. 

One-Hit Wanda

Pivot, Blocker, and Jammer

Don't let her name confuse you, this chick is no one hit wonder. Wanda can do it all, block, pivot, and jam! Her years of playing junior roller derby show on the tack, as she is one of the most versatile players on the league.  

Ophelia Plenty


Ophelia will feel any jammer coming up and will completely take control. This strong and vocal blocker can handle any jammer you throw at her!

Painbow Connection



"Someday you'll feel it, 

The Painbow Connection, 

The jammers, the pivots, 

and you!" 

When Painbow's hits connect, they will take you down and out, don't let the rainbows distract you. 

Princess Harming



She may be called Princess, but this skater isn't waiting for a prince to save her. She'll hold her own on the track with fierce determination. She's also the matriarch of the Fear The Weers tribe, which includes One Hit Wanda, and Weers Waldo.

Slay Valentine



When she's not wearing the pivot panty, Slay spends her time hunting down space outlaws with the rest of the Bebop crew. She also spends a lot of time petting cats, and enjoying streaming services. 




Sticks and stones may break your bones but Strix will crush your dreams! This blocker is one of a kind and can stop any jammer she wants to!

Tuff Cookie


Tuff may look sweet, but you won't see her crumble on the track! She's a force to be reckoned with. New to the team but a beast nonetheless.

Weers Waldo



Waldo's inherent ability to blend in to her surroundings, causing her to 'hide in plain sight' makes her an excellent jammer! In her red and white stripped shirt, and matching beanie, the other team simply can't pick her out of the lineup. 



Watch out! The second you look away Stitch will come up and whip you down! She's a new skater but learns quickly and is more than ready to take the track!

Wreck-keene Ball


Keene is a tough as nails, and sweet as candy blocker who will leave her mark on every jammer she comes across. Don't let her small stature fool you, she'll take on any skater without fear. Like her name suggests, she'll come in swinging and take out half your line in an instant.

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