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KDD made a beer!

Hello Darlin family!

Recently, you may have heard the news, that KDD partnered with Boatyard Brewery. It is, the coolest thing in the world, in this humble writers opinion. Last week, Boatyard held a release party of our collaboration beer, Kalamazoo Derby Pale Ale, but before that; they invited us out to help brew some beer!

It was an incredible experience, and we jumped on the opportunity to see how beer gets born. Mustang, Cyanide, Bart, and myself went to Boatyard early in the morning to meet Pat Kleppert. Pat is the brains behind the whole partnership, and knows more about beer than anyone I've ever met.

He took the four of us through every single step of the beer making process. First we processed all the grain that was going to grow up to be beer, there was a special layering technique Pat made sure we did. Once the grain got put into the tanks, it was filled with hot water and boiled for a while. We kept checking the sugar levels of the beer while it was brewing, with a cool science tool.

Pat showed us the difference between grains, and how the beer recipes are set up. We used science to measure the gravity of the beer, we added in hops and oxygen and a dairy agent to the beer. It was all so exciting and fun, and then they gave us beer to try, which only made us love them more.

Please check out these photos from our day making beer, and from the release party last Friday. And, don't forget to get yourself a glass of Kalamazoo Derby Pale Ale at our home games this season! It will be featured, on tap!!!

A huge thank you to Boatyard Brewery for letting us come out and have fun, and for naming a beer after us, that is refreshing, and delicious. You should check out their other beers, I haven't had one yet that wasn't amazing.

Our friend, Pat!

These grains will grow up to be the best beer ever!

Slay and Cy checking out the recipe for beer!

Mustang adding in a perfectly measured amount of grains

Cy carefully measuring water for a boil

Bart is using Science! to check the sugar levels

Cy sweeping spent grain out of the tank for cleaning

Bart enjoying one of the first pints of Kalamazoo Derby Pale Ale

Slay, Mustang, Cyanide, and Pat in front of the iconic Boatyard sign

Darlins enjoying Kalamazoo Derby Pale Ale

Get one of these bad boys at our home games!

Fifth sign from the left, it's the coolest thing ever.

Derby Dalins + Dan, one of the Boatyard owners, celebrating our beer!!!

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