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The Kalamazoo Derby Darlins are very proud of our officials. Without their hard work and dedication we wouldn't be able to host regular games, or our international tournament! These team members do some serious heavy lifting, from taking charge of the penalty box on game day, or inputting pages of stats the next day, they never seem to take a break. We count ourselves very lucky to have such skilled officials working with us. 

A'Blazing Grace

Co-Head NSO


Grace is one half of the amazing duo running all of KDD's officiating needs. Between her and Meg, the league never struggles staffing our events with the best help available. Many of our events don't start until Grace calls "5 Seconds!" and blows her whistle from her main position in the center of the track. 




Chunk is our Penalty Box Manager expert. With his firm knowledge of the rules and commanding voice, he keeps all the skaters in line as they come in and out of the penalty box. While the game is on, he's got a stone cold facade, but he's quick to give all skaters a fist bump and a "hell of a good game" afterwards. 


Co-Head NSO


Meg is one half of the amazing duo running all of KDD's officiating needs. She and Grace take turns running games as Head NSO, and most games you'll find her at the Score table, making sure numbers add up properly. Both our Head NSO's are multi-talented and we couldn't put on events without their help! 

Thunder Kate



Thunder Kate is a Darlin through and through, and is always willing to help her team out in any way possible. On game day you'll find her at the score table or line up tracking, this multi-talented team player always does the task most needed.  

Trickless Valentine

Head Ref


Formerly Trickless Magician. 

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